"In my world, everyone's a pony and they all eat rainbows and poop butterflies" -Dr. Seuss


i don’t think i’ve ever posted these pictures of marie antoinette backstage, which is actually a tragedy, because, like,

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This is a real panda
China has this “panda diplomacy” and this one will be sent to Japan as an friendship envoy. For the safety reason he sits as a passenger with his feeder, not in a cage. Fastening the seat belt, wearing a diaper, eating bamboos

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*two episodes in* *changes phone background* *makes cosplay plans*

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  • me: *blushing furiously*
  • friend: omg ur so red what are u thinking about
  • me: s-s-s-s-
  • friend: sex?
  • me: sports anime


me? have a boyfriend? no, i try to focus on the more important things in life

like crying over character development

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